Licensed By
Health Canada

Founded in 2014, Hydrx is a vertically-integrated Health Canada licenced (multiple site license) cannabis and Natural Health Product company with a focus on manufacturing soft gel capsules, cannabis extracts, concentrates, pre-rolls, topicals, oils, and unique formulations for the medical and recreational markets.

Hydrx was originally founded as a wellness company to exclusively serve medical cannabis users. At the time, doctors found it difficult to prescribe cannabis as it was not an approved drug, was only available as dried flower, and had no pharmacokinetic data available.

Therefore, Hydrx built its own full-feature chemistry and bio lab, a state-of-the-art soft gel production facility, and began funding/supporting clinical trials with its research license. The original plan was to put cannabis and supplements into a form doctors were comfortable prescribing and give them basic safety and pharmacokinetic data.

Hydrx received its controlled drug license in 2016 for the purpose of cannabis R&D including cannabis-based human clinical trials. Hydrx later received a Licensed Producer Cultivation License (“LP”) in September of 2017. Hydrx  LP was subsequently amended to include inter alia (i) cultivation, (ii) the sales of dried flower, (iii) the processing of capsules and oils, (iv) the sale of capsules and oils, and most recently (v) the processing and sale of edibles and extracts.

In October 2022, Hydrx received it Natural Health Product manufacturing and distribution license.

Hydrx is currently selling 24 unique SKUs to medical channels across Canada and retail sales channels in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick plus contract manufacture of 12 additional SKUs. 

Hydrx has recently converted much of its GMP manufacturing capacity for manufacturing and distribution of Natural Health Products and aligning itself for the potential Cannabis Health Product (CHP) regulations. 

Hydrx currently manufactures and distributes medical cannabis products to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart and some of these products manufactured at Hydrx are then sold to Toronto Sick Kids for use in a clinical trial led by Dr. Elena Pop.

Hydrx currently has the infrastructure to secure store $180,000,000 of controlled drugs and cannabis plus the ability to pick and pack 6,000 patients orders per day, 7 days per week, offering same day shipping in GTA by Pineapple Express, 2-3 day shipping across Canada by Canada Post and Purolator.

Most recently, Hydrx has partnered with First Nations Growers to manufacture and distribute a wide range of cannabis and natural health products under the Turtle Island Health and Wellness brand.