HydRx has a wholly owned and operated facility, 45 minutes from downtown Toronto. The facility provides a flexible pharmaceutical platform and is in compliance with quality and regulatory requirements of Health Canada. With its patented extraction and processing methods HydRx can produce continuous, consistent batch profiles (a key criteria in formulating pharma-grade derivative products).


Developing high quality, safe and effective medications requires a team of people with expertise in the sciences and a commitment to global standards. In 2014, HydRx (as CannScience) signed a service agreement with University Health Network – Canada’s premier network of teaching and research hospitals – to work together on the investigation and development of phytocannabinoids medicines. This agreement gives HydRx access to multiple world-class research facilities including the Centre for Molecular Design and Preformulations (CMDP), located in the MaRS Centre in the heart of Toronto, Canada.

The endocannabinoid system is a group of receptors and transmitters in the brain and nervous system that regulate many physiological and psychological processes in the human body. In medical trials of new drugs, human safety is the primary concern and each new product must show at what dosage its use becomes fatal. The advantage of cannabinoid medicines is that they have no known fatal dose. Producing effective therapies also requires the delivery of medicines in standardized and metered concentrations. CannScience and its partners are committed to ensuring the highest global standards for our cannabinoid medicines.

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